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No more Smoltz, no more ties to the beginning

Word came down the pipeline that Braves' icon John Smoltz is packing up his gear and heading to Beantown. Normally, I would love to write about how I feel about such a defining moment in Braves' baseball history. After all, I arrived in town in 1995 and have witnessed the evolution of a perennial doormat into, well, the Atlanta Braves. But I decided I wasn't the best person to write such a piece.

January 10, 2009 | Tyler Smith | Sports Columnists

2008 In Review

January 02, 2009 | Tyler Smith | Audio Slideshows

Curious masterpiece

"Curious Case to Benjamin Button" is a peculiar movie indeed. Rarely today do such sprawling, visually stunning films have such an impactful message to tell.

"Button" begins with a daughter beside her mother's hospital bed. While they, like the rest of New Orleans, prepare for Hurricane Katrina to make land fall, it quickly becomes clear the mother has only a short time left. During her last few hours, the mother, Daisy, asks her daughter to read to her from an old leather bound diary.

December 30, 2008 | Tyler Smith | Movie Reviews

Training Day

December 29, 2008 | Tyler Smith | Audio Slideshows

Alcovy vs. Eastside 12/19/08

December 29, 2008 | Tyler Smith | Audio Slideshows

2008 Covington News Christmas Party

December 29, 2008 | Tyler Smith | Audio Slideshows

911 Concert on the Square & Prayer Service

December 29, 2008 | Tyler Smith | Audio Slideshows

Western Art Exibit at Oxford College

December 29, 2008 | Tyler Smith | Audio Slideshows

Solace satisfactory

With 2006's "Casino Royale," filmmakers set a new gold standard for not only James Bond films, but the entire espionage genre. Though "Quantum of Solace" does not quite live up to its predecessor, it is none the less a fine second chapter for the new, darker Bond.

November 29, 2008 | Tyler Smith | Movie Reviews

Zero to 60 in less than a second

Darren Tedder lives the type of life normally reserved for the pages of an adventure novel. An underwater cinematographer by trade, the Social Circle resident spends his free time cave diving and working on his two classic racecars.

October 14, 2007 | Tyler Smith | Local

School violence

Remember, this is only a drill.

July 15, 2007 | Tyler Smith | Local

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