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Posted: June 5, 2009 12:01 a.m.

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Newton County Restaurant Scores - June 5

Domino’s Pizza, 1065 Access Road, May 22. 82. Not cold holding food properly, food sitting out had 8-hour time limit and not written time control procedures available at time of inspection, chemical bottle hanging and nozzle touching pizza boxes, chemical bottle had no label, door on prep cooler not closing properly, raw wood exposed on prep-area counter, no air camp on three-compartment sink, hose end down in mop sink.

Depot Sports Bar, 4122 Emory St., May 21. 80. Person in charge did not have basic food knowledge, employee washed hands at three-compartment sink, employee put on gloves to work with food with no hand wash, food outside building on shelf not protected, sanitizer stored on floor, no hand wash signs at several hand sinks, storage shed out back has no door, single use cups stored on floor in shed, no vegetable sink, outside of vent-a-hood dirty and ceiling fan dusty, bathroom door not self closing, cluttered around back of building, wet mop stored in bucket, light bulbs not shielded over kitchen area, holes in walls and ceilings.

Smiley’s, 2001 Main St., May 7. 79. No sanitizer in dishwasher and sanitizer buckets, not sanitizing tables properly, food not being hot held properly, cooling tomatoes in deep pan, heating element out on buffet, rust on ice machine, no self-closing doors at bathrooms, roaches on dented can behind wrapping paper on outside on can.

Wing Café, 13015 Brown Bridge Road, April 21. 71. Toaster dirty on inside, inside of microwave dirty, can opener dirty, food not being cold held properly, not date marking potentially hazardous foods, chemicals stored on top of food supply container, no digital thermometer, inspection report not posted properly, need no smoking sign at front, reach-in cooler not cooling properly, hand sink has too short a faucet, inside lid of freezer broken, three-compartment sink not sealed to wall, reach-in coolers dirty inside and out, food containers dirty outside, dirty shelves next to fryer, no back flow prevention on faucet at mop sink, no back flow prevention on drain lines on three-compartment sink or two-compartment sink, dirty floors and wall in different areas, mold on wall at three-compartment sink, wet mops stored in sink, wallpaper in restraint is coming off, no splash guard between hand sink and vegetable sink.

Pizza Hut, 4168 U.S. Highway 278, May 28. 64. Hand sink dirty, employee using one wash cloth to wipe down tables, clean dishes stacked with dirty dishes, mold in Coke machine nozzles, mold in inside of ice machine, no sanitizer in dishwasher, can opener blade dirty, no sanitizer in sanitizer buckets, during inspection pizza on buffet had not been pulled at designated time, no true time control documents, chemical bottles stored next to food and utensils, bulk storage containers not labeled, some coolers missing hand thermometers, employees not restraining hair fully, employees wearing bracelets when prepping salad, bowls being used as scoops, handles of scoops in food product, boxes by hand sink not protected from splash up, bowls not inverted or covered on shelves, utensils stacked wet, air curtain torn in walk-in cooler, inside and outside of dishwasher dirty, no test strips, mold on top of air curtain in walk-in beer coolers, dirty at bottom inside, dirty shelving throughout facility, mold on inside of ice machine, several food containers on outside dirty, dumpster doors open and no drain plug, hole in ceiling above ice machine, dirty floor under ice machine, no light covers in walk-in cooler and storage area, dirty wall behind dishwasher (mold growing).

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