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Posted: May 31, 2009 12:30 a.m.

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Newton County Restaurant Scores - May 31

o Captain D's, 6167 U.S. Highway 278, May 8. 99. Gaskets on coolers torn or missing, walk-in freezer has strips on door not working, air curtains torn.
o Ficquett Elementary School, 2207 Williams St., May 8. 99. Ventahood has paint peeling.
o Lugi's Pizza, 4143 U.S. Highway 278, May 29. 99. Bathroom door self-closing device broken.
o Oakhill Elementary School, 6243 Ga. Highway212, May 7. 99. plastic spatulas are cracked and broken at edges.
o Happy J's, 8105 Washington St., April 17. 98. Improper back flow on three-compartment sink, vegetable sink and ice machine. Pipe from floor should be twice diameter of pipe coming from sink.
o Waffle House, 12985 Brown Bridge Road, April 23. 97. Spray want stored down in sink, water line leaking under hand sink in front, employee jacket hanging on onion bag.
o Dunkin Donuts, 3153 U.S. Highway 278, April 24. 97. Most recent inspection not posted, hose end in mop sink.
o West Newton Elementary, 13387 Brown Bridge Road, May 5. 96. Some mold inside of ice machine on top.
o Nick's Restaurant (Rio Vista), 15825 Ga. Highway 36, May 7. 95. Employee drink in food areas, dirty gaskets on coolers, cup holder tray dirty.
o Stevie B's, 3105 U.S. Highway 278, April 17. 95. Sanitizer weak in several bucks, inspection permit not posted.
o Livingston Elementary School, 3657 Ga. Highway 81, May 5. 93. Need handsink in dishwashing machine area, no splash guard on sides of shelving between handsink and four-compartment sink.
o Wing Café, 13015 Brown Bridge Road, May 4. 93. Dirty inside microwave, inspection report not posted properly, no test strips, dirty shelving, dirty floors, freezer door lib c racked, no splash guard between three-compartment sink and vegetable sink.
o Newton High School, 140 Ram Dr., May 6. 92. Hand sink in back is blocked by cart and stand alone fan, rust on wall inside walk-in freezer, ice machine broken, warmers broken, gasket loose on cooler door, no air cap on drain lines of food prep sink and four-compartment sink, need to hood back flow prevention on drain lines of the sinks, tile missing on floor near four-compartment sink.
o East Newton Elementary, 2286 Dixie Road, May 1. 91. No hand sink out in kitchen area, sanitizer too weak in buckets, mold inside of ice machine at took, four-compartment sink and hand sink not sealed to wall, condenser line in both walk-in freezers leaking.
o Challenge Charter Academy, 8134 Geiger St., April 21. 91. Dented cans in dry good storage.
o Middle Ridge Elementary, 11649 Covington Bypass, April 16. 91. Dented cans in storage.
o Wings Unlimited, 10724 Covington Bypass, April 29. 90. Food not being cold-held properly, freezer not cooling properly, dirty timers, dirty fryer basket handles, bowls dirty on outside, shelving dirty, dirty ventahood.
o Zaxby's, 9132 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, May 6. 87. Now health policy awareness, employee using cans to drink in kitchen area, Coke nozzles dirty, tea nozzle dirty, slicer dirty, utensils in back not stored to prot4ect from contamination, cups at drive thru dirty on outside, not sanitizing properly, two hand sinks not sealed to the wall, hose end in mop sink, spray wand down in sink, dirty around dumpster, wet mop stored in bucket.
o American Deli, 3154 U.S. Highway 278, May 4. 87. Tea nozzle dirty, slicer dirty, sanitizer weak in buckets, food not being cold-held properly.
o Five O'Clock Somewhere, 7191 turner lake Road, April 24. 86. Employee drinks in food prep area, consumer advisory not posted on menu correctly, chemicals stored next to food in dry storage area, most recent inspection report not posted, employee coat and purse with food items, lights not shielded in storage area.

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