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Posted: May 5, 2009 4:05 p.m.

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Restaurant scores May 5

o Waffle House, 12985 Brown Bridge Road, April 8. 63. Employee had bare-hand contact with cooked bacon and cooked waffle, employees' drinks stored next to food items on shelves, employees going from utensils with raw meat juice on handles to touching ready-to-eat food, mold on inside of ice machine, mold in slicer, sanitizer too strong, wet wiping cloths sitting on counter, stacking utensils wet at three-compartment sink, plates not inverted at bar, employee with gloves on going between raw juices and ready-to-eat food, spray wand down in sink, employee purse and shirt next to food items.

o Luigi's Pizza, 4143 U.S. Highway 278, April 13. 59. Employee hand bare-handed contact with pizza toppings, no health policy awareness, employee wiping tables down with only one sanitizer cloth, slicer dirty, clean plates stored on shelf dirty, consumer advisory not correct, food not being cold held properly, food being date marked was beyond 7-day limit, employees handling food do not have hair and beard fully restrained, utensils stored on shelf not inverted, forks at self-serve counter stored with fork end up, cooler in back not working properly, dumpster and grease trap not on asphalt.

o Five O'Clock Somewhere, 7191 Turner Lake Road, April 9. 59. Person in charge did not have basic food knowledge, person in charge did not have health policy awareness, employee drinks and cigars in food prep area, no hand sink in kitchen area, raw fish stored over cooked chili, raw chicken stored next to barbecue sauce and lemonade, no sanitizer in dishwasher, foods not being hot held correctly, oysters did not have tag info on bucket they were in, no hand wash sign at hand sink near bar, women's and men's bathrooms, inspection report not posted properly, not storing utensils 6 inches off floor, stacking utensils wet, plates not stored inverted, reusing single use containers, coffee stirrers not protected at bar, no vegetable sink, no backflow on outside spigot, not draining frozen drink machine properly, no covered trash can in women's bathroom, holes in walls, floors dirty in walk-in cooler, no light shield in storage area, lights out in kitchen walk-in cooler and vent-a-hood, back door not self-closing, back door does not seal properly.

o Stevie B's, 3105 U.S. Highway 278, April 3. 56. Employee not washing hands properly, employee touching cooked pizza with bare hands while cutting, no hand washing sink in back area, can opener blade dirty, slicer dirty, ice machine inside dirty, food not being cold held properly, not cooking marinara and noodles properly, sanitizer buckets not labeled, sanitizer to strong, sanitizer stored next to food storage rack, not labeling bulk storage containers, not using proper methods to cool marinara and noodles, no splash guard at hand sink next to pizza dough area, coffee filters stored next to air gap in plumbing at Coke machine, employees wearing watches and bracelets, wet wiping clothes out on counters, employees washing pizza pans in vegetable sink, using cups and plates as scoops in flour and sugar, utensils stored wet, dishwasher and drain board not sealed to wall, vegetable sink not attached to wall, vent-a-hood dirty, dirty under cold hold bar at buffet, outside of dishwasher dirty, can opener dirty, drain tubes of Coke machine dirty, Coke machine drain lines dirty, dusty ice machine, no back flow prevention on drain lines of Coke machine, dirty around dumpster, no drain plug in dumpster, not covering dumpster, dumpster bottom and sides rusted out, dirty around dough table, missing cove molding in miscellaneous areas.

o Happy J's, 8105 Washington St., April 6. 50. Person in charge did not demonstrate basic food handling knowledge, no health policy awareness, raw bacon stored over cooked chicken, cooked chicken container sitting on top of raw chicken container, employee only washing then rinsing dishes (must sanitize also), no consumer advisory for undercooked eggs, not date marking food, sanitizer too strong, no label on sanitizer bucket, chemicals stored in food prep areas, not labeling bulk storage items, no digital thermometer, missing hanging thermometer in coolers, wet wiping cloths out on counters, must recent inspection report not posted, no smoking sign not posted properly, not storing bowls and pans inverted in storage, reusing single use items, coffee stirrers not dispensed properly, no test strips for sanitizer, fan dusty, tracks on sliding cooler doors dirty, vent-a-hood dirty, individual grill dirty, sides and racks of freezer dirty, no splash guard between three-compartment sink and meat/vegetable sink and hand sink, no vegetable sink, no utility sink, no back flow on three-compartment sink, vegetable sink and ice machine, dumpster's lid broken, no drain plug in dumpster, dumpster not on hard surface, mop stored in mop bucket, employee coats hanging of shelf with food.

o Smiley's, 2001 Main St., Porterdale, April 8. 44. Employee did not wash hands before putting on gloves to work with food, dishwasher did not wash hands between handling dirty dishes and handling clean, employees touching sweet potatoes with bare hands and touching vegetables bare handed while cutting, employee drinks in cooler above food items, employee eating cookies while in food prep area, hand sink blocked by big piece of equipment, storing sanitizer bucket in hand sink in front area, front hand sink did not have any hand towels, badly dented cans in dry storage area, no sanitizer at three-compartment sink or dishwasher, not hot holding food properly, not date making food that is held more than 24 hours, sanitizer buckets not labeled, rust in top of ice machine and some mold, no digital thermometer, no sign at buffet for people to get new plates, utensils at mop sink not protected from splash up, food next to hand sink in back not protected from splash up, utensils stored on floor upstairs, not storing pans, bowls and other utensils inverted, employees cooking did not wear hair restraints, stacking clean cups wet, Styrofoam cups not dispensed properly, employees wearing gloves to perform different duties, no vegetable sink, meat/vegetable sink not sealed to wall, plastic containers cracked, no CI test strips, no covered trash can in women's bath or handicap access bath, wet mop stored in bucket, cove molding loose behind three-compartment sink, back screen door does not seal properly.

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