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Posted: April 29, 2009 12:01 a.m.

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Restaurant Scores - April 29

o Appetizing Diner, Salem Road, April 9. 100. OK to open restaurant, bring pest control report to office, pay for permit, sign seating capacity form.

o Lolly Pop, 7108 Washington St., April 15. 100. OK to permit, bring fire marshal report and pest control report to office, bring payment for permit.

o Porterdale Elementary, 45 Ram Dr., April 3. 96. Rodent bait station uncovered.

o KFC. 6103 U.S. Highway 278, April 2. 96. Single door freezer leaking inside, faucet leaking at vegetable sink, grout missing around floor drains.

Beyond Details Catering, 3113 Emory St., April 13. 95. Utensils stored on floor, no backflow on drain lines of three-compartment sink and vegetable sink.

o Quick Chick, 6158 U.S. Highway 278, 96. Sanitizer too strong at three-compartment sink.

Indian Creek Middle School, 11051 Bypass Road, April 4. 96. Sanitizer at three-compartment sink too strong.

o Holiday Inn Express, 9159 Access Road, April 10. 95. No hand wash sign at hand sink in kitchen or downstairs rest room, most recent inspection report not posted, individual coffee stirrers sitting out, broken paper towel holder at hand sink, need proper air
break at three-compartment sink.

o Alcovy High School, 14567 Ga. Highway 36, April 1. 91. Not hot holding food properly.

o Mamie’s Inc., 7121 U.S. Highway 278, April 6. 84. Sanitizer weak at three-compartment sink, food not being cold held properly, food not being hot held, not using time controls properly, cups in eating area not protected, employee using vegetable sink to wash and prep raw chicken.

o Cousins Middle School, 8187 Carlton Trail, April 2. 82. Sanitizer in bucket weak, mold inside of ice machine, not cold holding food properly in walk-in cooler, chemicals stored next to utensils, handles of scoops stored down in sugar and flour.

o Dunkin Donuts, 5341 U.S. Highway 20, April 10. 78. Employees not washing hands before putting on gloves to handle bagels, ice machine has mold in top, not date marking foods, hand sink at front leaking, cooker broken at three-compartment sink in front, ceiling tile missing, raw wood exposed, rotten at counter, missing cove molding at drive-thru, wet mop in mop sink, grout missing at floor drain, not enough light in walk-in freezer, back door self closing unit broken.

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