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Posted: April 12, 2009 12:00 a.m.

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Restaurant Scores

Town Center Breads Coffee House, 87, 4171 Raphael St., March 6. Sanitizer in bucket measuring low, employee taking coffee grounds holder and banging excess coffee into trash can on inside of trash can then putting holder back on coffee machine (need to find another method so as not to cross contaminate coffee grounds holder), chemicals stored above single use items, sanitizer bucket stored on counter next to food items, thawing soup in sink with water running over it but not submerged, scoop handles and cup stored down in white powder and coffee bean containers, coffee stirrers not protected (need to be individually wrapped, put in dispenser or kept behind counter), no splash guard on hand sink.

McDonald’s, 87, 4112 Ga. Highway 278, March 8. Employee washing dishes by washing and sanitizing (must rinse before sanitizing), overhead plumbing pipes over stored utensils in basement, wet wiping clothes on counter, utensils stored wet, leak in walk-in freezer, plumbing leak in basement ceiling, no backflow on drain lines of three-compartment sink.

Sweet Bea’s, 86, 1820 Suite B, Ga. Highway 11, Feb. 8. Microwave dirty, food out of temperature, employee personal items handing on shelf with food utensils, keep sanitizer away from food or utensils, keep food separated at all times, use hair restraints in food prep area, keep fries cold or use in time, need self-closing doors on restrooms.

Waffle House, 87, 8239 U.S. Highway 278, Feb. 10. Food not being cold held properly, utensils stored wet over three-compartment sink, dirty behind Coke machine, dirty on sides of grill area, spray want stored down in sink, lead at freezer line, clean all hand sinks regularly and sanitize, keep all personal items away from food, check sanitizer levels regularly, need to re-grout and repair cracked and broken tile.

Da Culture, 82, 6162 Monticello St., March 8. Food not being cold-help properly, no digital thermometer, mop sink broken, no test strips for sanitizer, no backflow on three-compartment sink, vegetable sink or meat sink, screen door with raw wood and front door (need to pain and seal wood), wet mop stored in bucket, cooler not cooling properly.

Subway, 77, 5340 Ga. Highway 20, March 2. No employee health policy, no hand sink in back dishwashing area, employee wiping tables with spray bottle (need to use approved methods), slicer dirty, coke nozzles dirty, foods not being cold held properly, tomatoes not being cooled to 41 degrees F in four hours after prepping, storing utensils under hand sink plumbing, food items being stored on floor, staking utensils wet over three-compartment sink, no backflow on three-compartment sink, Check ice machine to make sure it has backflow on drain line, wet mop stored on floor.

Quick Chick, 54, 6158 U.S. Highway 278, March 30. 64. No hand sink in back kitchen area, sanitize weak in bucket, food not being cooked properly, food not being hot held properly, not cooling mac and cheese using approved methods, employees not restraining hair fully, reusing single use buckets, no vegetable sink, no backflow on three-compartment sink.

KFC, 60, 6103 U.S. Highway 278, March 19. Biscuit dough had water from freezer dripping on it and freezing, employee was at three-compartment sink and was washing and then sanitizing utensils then rinsing (must wash, rinse then sanitize), crispy chicken breast was only being cooked to 150 degrees F (must cook raw chicken to a minimum of 165 degrees F), food not being cold held properly, food in walk-in cooler stored under drain lines of cooler condenser, most recent food inspection report not posted, utensils stored wet over three-compartment sink, hand sink at front not sealed to wall, single door freezer leading, hold in door of walk-in cooler holding food debris, vegetable sink has lead at faucet on hot water side, dirty around dumpster, one dumpster missing lids and bottom rusted out, lids up on grease receptacle and dumpster, dirty floors under prep line and other pieces of equipment, miscellaneous tile cracked on floor rand cove molding and grout missing around floor drains, cove molding missing in walk-in freezer.

Source: Department of Public Health, Newton County

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