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Posted: August 23, 2014 10:00 p.m.

Eagles looking to fly around the football

Q&A: Rick Hurst


The Covington News: How’s the team doing as far as the new coaches go?

Rick Hurst: They’re doing great. The team’s responding to coach Jordan and coach Bailey well. I really enjoy having those guys out here. The guys like them and they get along with them really well. They know that they’ve played at a high level, coach Bailey being from here helps. All of them know and have heard about him and all that stuff before. so it make’s a big difference when they understand that he’s been here and knows how we expect them to play.

CN: How’s your guy Austin Holloway doing in practice?

Hurst: He’s doing well. Had a real good scrimmage the other night. He threw a couple of deep balls that were probably 45/50 yards on the money. If we give him time and even when we don’t he can breakout and make things happen. That’s what’s good about him, he can use his legs to create plays that might normally break down for somebody else. It’s good to have somebody back there that can run around and make something happen.

CN: Is there anything specifically you guys wanna work on going forward?

Hurst: I told them at the beginning, we wanna improve every week. I wanna see them improve. I expect a lot of good effort and that’s what we gotta have. As long as we got that, then everything else we can correct. I expect them to go out there and play physical and fly around the football and offensively be able to put some points on the board when we get an opportunity.

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