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Posted: July 8, 2014 10:00 p.m.

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Newton support is tremendous

Saturday’s epic contest was one of the best game’s I’ve ever seen live, and I’m not talking about Argentina vs. Belgium.

I’m talking about the 12U Newton All-Stars versus Athens. It was an exciting matchup, which ended with an 8-5 score. There were at least three home runs in the game, and a host of great plays both offensively and defensively. However, the stellar play of 24 12-year-olds wasn’t the reason the games were so great.

It was the crowd. The parents, friends and just casual watchers were the most intriguing aspect of the game. If you’ve never been able to attend a Little League game, you should. There’s always something to see.

Whether it be a kid’s hilariously cute mistake or an outraged parent, who may or may not know exactly what they’re talking about, disputing a call the umpire makes, it’s fun to watch. It is truly people-watching at its finest. 

Newton’s matchup didn’t provide anything to this extent, but the environment was rich with pride and overwhelming support.

Quickly after the 11/12 all-star game, I overheard a parent say, “We should go cheer on that other Newton team.”

One little girl had one of the best reactions to one of the opposing team’s tent almost blowing away after Newton was victorious. She said, “That’s what happens when you lose Athens.”

That’s not sportsmanship, but she’s a cute kid and it was hilarious.

Although that other Newton team went on to lose its matchup, the pride of Newton was evident throughout City Pond’s week of hosting the Little League District Championship.

Fan reactions were priceless. As the stands were packed with fans to watch the little league district championship, emotions were high, but in control.

The fans were cheering tremendously after each home run or hit or play on defense that led to an out. They were also letting their opinions be known on certain calls that they felt should have gone another way.

I sat on the deck and watched from afar, but in one of the games I attended, I sat with a group of people who were rooting for Newton and they knew pretty much the name of every player. They also knew how that player had done so far, how good he was, where he played and pretty much all the stuff you’d expect a coach to know.

There were also many voiced opinions of the respective coaches both good and bad, but mostly good.

While a Little League game isn’t a huge spectacle compared to Major League Baseball, it is still fun to watch. If not for the fans – which is a show in itself – then at least for the promising young stars of tomorrow.


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