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Posted: May 8, 2014 10:00 p.m.

Dr. Dobbs

We didn’t know Dr. Bill Dobbs very well at the paper because most of his grand accomplishments occurred before our time, but what we have heard said and what we know of his accomplishments tells us he truly was a man who had his eye on the future at all times.

His good leadership is still producing results even today.

If you missed reading of his accomplishments you can read about them by going to

Dr. Dobbs was a man of conviction who proved throughout his whole life that he loved his family and his community.

As he lay dying in our local hospital, his multitude of friends gathered to support this good man.

He even had the strength to tell his closest friends that he loved them.

Unfortunately, leaders of the caliber of Dr. Bill Dobbs are far and few between nowadays.

Sometimes we take for granted what a man like Dr. Bill Dobbs had accomplished in his life; that’s too bad.
Our community is going to miss this good man. We are grateful that he came along, because without his leadership

Covington as we know it would not be the same.

God Bless Dr. Bill Dobbs and his family.

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