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Posted: April 3, 2014 10:00 p.m.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Where are we today in Newton County? Are we better off today than we were five years ago?

The prospect of Baxter opening and bringing jobs to our market it is certainly positive, and will breathe life into a community that has yet to feel the resurgence of growth that interior Atlanta seems to have realized.

With our community’s economy still trying to recover following the collapse of the home building boom, we feel bullish on our outlook for Newton County. We know we still have a long road to travel to depart the constrained times. We can all see forward progress returning; however it has not reached our community but will in the coming months.
Economic growth we will see is not just because Baxter is going to have a physical plant here and will employee about 1,500 employees. True recovery will happen when hundreds of people become employed by businesses that relocate or start up here to support Baxter’s activities. It is then we are going to see a revival of the construction industry, that is when we are going to see other business spring up to support the businesses that are here to support Baxter.

That is when we are going to see new restaurants, service businesses and existing business will see higher levels of sales that contribute the tax base of the county and employee additional people.

It is coming and is really not that far away. The light at the end of our long economic nightmare is getting brighter every day.

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