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Posted: March 22, 2014 10:00 p.m.

Tough enough

It is hard enough in today’s economy to operate a business, especially one that is heavily scrutinized by government bureaucrats.

One of our local restaurants, Thomas’ Country Buffet has been feeding people without incident for years — occasionally we have eaten there ourselves. However, recently it was given a very low health score on a recent visit by health inspectors. After receiving a low score, in the 30’s — which we agree is totally not acceptable — the owners fired the eatery’s manager, made necessary corrections and improvements, and scored in the 90’s on two retests — which is acceptable.

As a result of the bad publicity they received state wide on their low score, their business has suffered tremendously.

It is not easy to run a restaurant and sometimes the scores given out by health inspectors seem unfair.

Because of their efforts to correct a bad situation we ask you to give them another chance and for sure look at the score on their window and if they fail to keep that score in the range it should be, then would be a good time to say no more.

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