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Posted: January 3, 2009 5:00 a.m.

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Restaurant scores Dec. 23

o Mickey Dees: 6147 U.S. Highway 278, Dec. 9. 96. chemicals stored in food prep area (corrected).
o R. L. Clements: 66 Jack Neely Road, Dec. 10. 95. Mixer bowl at stand mixer has rust, three-compartment sink not sealed properly to wall, ice build up in walk-in cooler.
o Wing Nook: 3665A Salem Road, Dec. 9. 94. Vegetable prep sink dirty, spice cart has build up, wall in walk-in cooler, ceiling tiles in bathroom damaged due to water lead.
o C. R. Bard: 8195 Industrial Blvd., Dec. 12. 91. Tea nozzles and warmer drawer dirty, advisory on menu (missing food items with asterisk for reminder, need to place an asterisk by items cooked to order, utensils stored wet.
o Bojangles: 5156 U.S. Highway 278, Dec. 8. 89. Milk and egg wash not held below 41 degrees F and no time documentation, improper wiping of dining tables, light in walk-in freezer not shielded.
o Campus Café: 239 Cedar Lane, Dec. 8. 89. No digital thermometer on site, holding sugar in old dill pickle container, dirty behind reach-in coolers, mop stored in bucket wet.
o Cosmo Joe's: 10055 By Pass Road, Dec. 1. 85. raw pork stored next to beef, raw beef stored next to tea; sanitizer bucket solution too strong, dirty vent hood, doors around reach-in cooler, not wiping tables down correctly.
o Johnny's New York Pizza: 10176 Carlin Dr., Dec. 12. 87. Slicer dirty, oregano container is not labeled, oil on floor beside fryer, utensils stored wet, plumbing lead at four-compartment sink, mops not stored properly, hand sink not sealed to wall, holes in ceiling at Coke lines and above hot water heater, need splash guard by hand sink.
o Riverside Medical: 5100 West St, Dec. 1. 85. Employee drink stored near food in food prep area, paper towels not in dispenser in employee rest room, tea spout dirty, can opener dirty, no digital thermometer, tea urn not covered, wet wiping cloths in food lprep area, single service items stored on floor, need back flow air gap on plumbing at drain on three-compartment sink, wet mop stored on floor.
o Pony Express: 1852 Ga. Highway 11. 71. Employee drink in food prep area, utensils on shelves dirty, advisory not proper (must identify items on meanu with asterisk), sausage not hot-held at proper temperature, food items stored on floor in dry storage, rice scoop handle in product, glasses stored wet, vent hood and sides of store and fryer dirty, stainless behind cook area need to clean, no back flow prevention at sinks, area beside building cluttered with equipment, floors dirty around cook area, light shied missing at vent hood, shields dirty in kitchen.
o Village Deli: 1124 Monticello St., Dec. 8. 71. Employee drink be side food utensils and single service items, raw eggs next to pickles in walk-in cooler, raw bacon next to ready-to-eat food in cooling drawer, sanitize bottle next to crock pot and single service items, sanitizer weak in bucket, corn starch stored in old flavor icing bucket, wet wiping clothes on counter, no hand wash sing in men's and women's bath room, utensils stored wet, plates at cook line not turned over, single use items not stored 6 inches off floor, employee handled raw food then ready-to-eat food without washing hands, employee used sanitizer than handled ready-to-eat foods with gloves on, inside of microwave dirty.
o Burge Plantation: 44 Jeff Cook Road, Dec. 9. 63. Employee drink in food dprep area, sausage links stored next to chicken, can opener dirty, milk container not labeled, chemical bottle next to utensils, no label on food containers in bulk storage area, cooking oil stored on floor, wet wiping cloth sitting out on counter, no hand washing sign in employee bathroom and at kitchen hand washing sink, utensils stored wet, bottom of reach-in freezer dirty. (corrected: 95)
o Little Phillies: 10255 Industrial Blvd. Dec. 10. 62. employee changed gloves without washing hands and prepared food, bare hand contact with sandwich by employee, no paper towels at hand sink, meats at grill held out of temperature, bleach stored beside cooking oil, wiping cloths stored in food prep area, eggs stored above cheese.
o Town House Café: 1145 Washington St., Dec. 5. 55. Employee did not wash hands between glove changes then cooking food again, no hand towels at hand sink, raw bacon stored above rice in reach-in cooler, ground beef next to eggs in reach-in cooler, raw ground beef stored over cooked turkey in reach-in cooler, raw bacon sitting out on counter for unspecified time and put back in refrigerator (temperature checked in cooler at 71 degrees F), sweet potato pie not hot held, sanitizer solution too strong in buckets, sanitizer too weak in three-compartment sink, cleaners stored next to food items in dry storage area, food stored in grocery bags in reach-in cooler, sausage patties stored uncovered in freezer, employee wearing watch while preparing food, wet wiping cloths stored on counter, ice build up in back of reach-in cooler, faucet broken on cold water side of hand sink, prep cooler gasket dirty, sides and behind grill area dirty, mop stored wet in bucket.
o Waffle House No. 625: 6137 U.S. Highway 278, Dec. 10. 52. Employee handling ready-to-eat food needs not to handle utensils with raw meat juices then touch ready-to-eat foods, employee must not touch utensils that were previously used, employee handling raw foods then touching clean plates and bowls without washing hands first, employee slid cooked bacon off spatula onto plate with no gloves on, sanitizer too weak in bucket, employee not sanitizing tables correctly, can opener dirty, ice machine interior not clean, cold foods not held at proper temperature, employee drinks and cigarettes stored o n food prep surfaces, sanitizer too strong, single use utensils stored next to chemicals, food containers not labeled, plates not stored properly at bar area, plastic containers stored wet, drawer under grill area dirty, sugar and pepper stored in old syrup bottles, appropriate vegetable sink not installed per code, door to prep cooler does not close properly, hose end down in flood plain of mo sink, no self-closing door at bathroom, need hand washing sign in men's bathroom.

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