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Posted: December 20, 2008 5:00 a.m.

Restaurant scores 12/8

n GG’s Pizza and Wings: 9148 U.S. Highway 278, Nov. 17. 100.

n China Star: 13015 Brown Bridge Road, Nov. 3. 100.

n Mansfield Elementary School: 45 East 3rd Ave., Mansfield, Oct. 30. 100.

n American Deli: 3154 U.S. Highway 278. Oct. 24. 100. OK to issue permit after copy of pest control report and fees are received.

n Ficquett Elementary School: 2207 Williams St., Oct. 27. 98. Replace missing cove molding in utensil storage area.

n Sweet Bea’s: 1820 Suite B, Ga. Highway 11, Nov. 9. 97. OK to issue permit.

n Palmer Stone Elementary School: 1110 Emory St., Oxford; Nov. 7. 97. Gaskets in walk-in cooler dirty, ceiling cooler has build up as does light fixture (light has water inside cover), area at back dock and around dumpsters has trash accumulation, hole in wall by electrical switch and by electrical cord in chemical room, damp mop in mop sink.

n Tru Coffee: 1123 Monticello St., Nov. 10. 95. Sanitizer in three compartment sink too strong, light blown over three-compartment sink.

n Indian Creek Middle School: 11051 Bypass Road, Oct. 24. 95. Chemical bottles not labeled, pans stored wet at dishwasher room.

n Heard-Mixon Elementary School: 14110 Ga. Highway 36, Nov. 18. 94. Sanitizer weak in bucket, walk-ins have condensation build up, hole around piping at heart/air plumbing.

n Newton High School: 140 Ram Drive, Nov. 14. 94. Hand sink without sign for washing hands in small serving line, utensils/pans stored wet, paint peeling inside vent hood, push handle on inside of walk-in not working properly, gasket on reach-in cooler dirty; fan covers in walk-in dirty, no air gap back flow on three-compartment sink; hose end down in mop sink; light out at vent hood; grates broken at cook line drain, paint peeling off wall behind service line, light switch at serving line broken.

n Porterdale Elementary School: 45 Ram Dr., Nov. 6. 93. Slicer dirty on underside, chopper dirty, scoop with handle in sugar product, mesh drain under three-compartment sink not open enough to let water through without backing water up onto floor.

n Eastside High School: 10245 Covington Bypass, Oct. 28. 93. Sanitizer buckets had weak levels of sanitizer (corrected).

n McDonald’s: 4147 Salem Road, Nov. 7. 92. No cover on ice container, plastic spoons stored with handle down in cup, hamburger freezer cracked, dirty above ketchup and mustard dispenser, hot hold unit is dusty, hose down in mop sink, gap at back door bottom, light out at fry hot hold.

n Starbucks: 5341 Ga. Highway 20, Oct. 30. 92. Milk container open with no date marking, scoop with handle lying down in sugar container, individual coffee stirrers not wrapped, no test strips for sanitizer, spray wand at sink hanging below flood plain of sink (corrected).

n Livingston Elementary School: 3657 Ga. Highway 81, Oct. 31. 92. Can opener dirty, employee wearing jewelry (can only wear plain band ring in food prep area), corn meal bin broker (need to replace or fix), inside of microwave at top dirty, gasket around walk-in cooler dirty.

n World of Wings: 5340 GA. Highway 20, Nov. 13. 87. Employee drink in food prep area, sanitizer too strong, sanitizer bucket stored beside floor, wet wiping clothes stored in food prep area, employee washing gloves, vent hood has build up, gaskets on walk-in dirty.

n Alcovy High School: 14567 GA. Highway 36, Nov. 10. 87. Employee drink stored by utensils, chopper dirty when taken apart, improperly cooling grits, utensils stored wet, gasket on walk-in cooler door is taped.

n Challenge Charter Academy: 8134 Geiger St., Oct. 23. 87. Eggs stored over ham in reach-in cooler (corrected), chemicals stored next to food (corrected), sanitizer buckets had weak solution.

n Cousins Middle School: 8187 Carlton Trail, Nov. 12. 85. Employee drinks out next to food prep, sanitizer bucket has weak solution, wet wiping cloths on counters, utensils stored wet, ice maker has rust on inside and gasket is old, dirty gasket on reach-in cooler door, faucets leaking at three-compartment sink, need to clean up behind kitchen where school desks stacked up.

n Oak Hill Elementary School: 6243 Ga. Highway 212, Oct. 29. 85. Hot water had hand washing sink is 97 degrees F (must be 100 degrees F or higher, dishwasher water is not reaching temperature of 180 degrees F, sanitizer solution is weak, container not labeled in storage area, thermometer on dishwasher not working properly, ice build up on walk-in freezer floor and ceiling, walk-in cooler door gasket dirty.

n Fairview Elementary School: 3325 Fairview Road, Nov. 4. 85. Utensils and pans found dirty after they were cleaned, sanitizer weak in buckets, sanitizer buckets found on floor, wet wiping cloths out on counter, utensils stored wet, lemonade dispenser nozzle leaking, gasket loose on ice machine lid, plastic covers over lights in vent hood area peeling, fan covers in walk-in cooler rusting, gasket around walk-in cooler door dirty, lead in janitor closet floor.

n Happy J’s: 8105 Washington St., Nov. 3. 84. Employee drink in food prep area, cheese, tomatoes and slaw out of temperature, vent hood has build up, no back flow prevention at drain lines on plumbing.

n Mi Tierra: 5340 Ga. Highway 20, Nov. 13. 84. Vegetable sink dirty, milk opened and not date marked, spices not labeled, scoop handle stored in food product, vent hood dirty, no air gap/back flow prevention at drainpipes at sinks, faucet loose at vegetable prep sink.

n East Newton Elementary School: 2286 Dixie Road, Oct. 22. 81. Employee drink in food prep area, macaroni left in food prep sink, sanitizer bucket has solution that was too strong, milk containers sitting on floor in walk-in cooler, wet wiping cloth on counter, gasket around walk-in cooler door dirty, metal seal loose on top right corner of walk-in cooler door casing, threshold loose on walk-in cooler door, ice build up in walk-in freezer, air return dirty at heat/air unit, pipe behind ice maker leading at cut off valve, tile on corner of wall cracked or broken, dirty floors behind ice maker, light shield in walk-in cooler missing.

n McDonald’s: 10701 Covington Bypass, Nov. 4. 81. Tea nozzle dirty, no hand washing sign at hand sink and three-compartment sink, utensils stored wet, dirty under coffee maker at drive through, fan covers dirty at walk-in cooler, light out at hot holding unit for fries, plumbing leak under sink next to hand sink, hose end down in mop sink, no hand towel’s in men’s and women’s bathroom.

n Krystal: 3230 U.S. Highway 278, Nov. 7. 80. Chemical sanitizer too strong, sanitizer stored beside food prep, no time documentation on cheese, food stored on floor, wet wiping cloths stored in food prep area, single service items stored too close to floor, employee went to food prep then handled trash then back to food prep without changing gloves, gasket on ice machine missing, fan unit on outside walk-in not turning, no sanitizer test strips, sides of fryers and underneath dirty, cove molding coming loose from wall, air vents and ceiling dirty in cooking area, mop sink very dirty, faucet leaking and loose.

n Cosmo Joe’s: 10055 Bypass Road, Nov. 17. 79. Cheese out of temperature at prep line, sanitizer solution weak, no thermometer, utensils stored wet, no test strips, bread container dirty on outside, outside of fryer dirty, no back flow or air gap on drain lines of sinks.

n McDonald’s: 2080 A Crowell Road, Nov. 12. 76. Employees did not wash hands when changing gloves or changing work stations, employee did not properly wash, rinse and sanitize tongs, flour not properly labeled, employees with rings and bracelet, sanitizer bucket stored on floor and wet wiping cloths stored in food prep area, no hand wash sing at hand sink, utensils stored wet, walk-in cooler air curtain torn, lids on tea containers in walk-in cracked, threshold in walk-in freezer loose, paper towel holder broken at hand sink, condiment bin dirty, fan covers in walk-in refrigerator dirty, splash up above prep station dirty, French fry warmer splash up dirty, fish filet steamer leaking water, spray wand below flood plain at three-compartment sink, hose in mop sink below flood plain.

n Campus Café: 239 Cedar Lane, Nov. 13. 76. Coke nozzles and slicer dirty, foods held out of temperature, no digital thermometer, sugar stored open in bag, wet wiping cloths stored in food prep areas, cup used as scoop in sugar, utensils stored wet, coffee stirrers not individually dispensed, vents on Coke machine and drain tray on Coke machine dirty, shelf under microwave dirty, gasket on reach-in cooler dirty, hole in wall in dry storage area.

n Pool Room Café: 5152 Washington St., Oct. 27. 75. Raw hamburger meat stored above hot dogs, cheese and sliced tomatoes sitting out with no time or temperature control, employee has painted fingernails, no food inspection report posted, utensils stored wet, no back flow device.

n Quality Inn: 10225 Ga. Highway 142, Nov. 12. 73. Cheese cubes out of temperature, no label or date on batter container, milk jug or cheese cube bag, pest control products next to cleaning chemicals, no digital thermometer, apples in container sitting out not individually wrapped, no hand wash sign in man’s/women’s bathroom, single use coffe stirrers not wrapped, no test strips for sanitizer, tables wiped down with sanitizer and hand cloth, gap around refrigerator room exterior door.

n Blimpe Subs & Salads: 387 A, Ga. Highway 11, Nov. 13. 72. Employee did not wash hands between glove changes, no soap at hand sink, no digital thermometer, medicines stored in food prep/storage area, personal items stored in food storage, wet wiping cloths stored in food prep area, no hand wash sign in restroom, no sanitizer test strips, Coke machine dirty, no air gap, mop sitting in mop water dirty.

n Pippins: 10055 Covington By Pass, Nov. 17. 58. No light cover/shield in walk-in freezer, floors dirty at entrance of walk-in, missing electrical plate cover, trash can in restroom does not have cover, no back flow on three-compartment and vegetable sink, gasket and fan cover in walk-in cooler dirty, handle on outside of walk-in dirty, gaskets on reach-in cooler dirty, ice build up on freezer floor, handles on forks, knives and spoons stored improperly, handle of scoop stored in sugar, wiping cloths stored in food prep area, employee did not wash hands between glove changes, employee drink in food prep area, Coke machine nozzles very dirty, French fries out of temperature, stew thawing in sink in standing water, pickle container on floor, cooking oil stored on floor, food boxes on floor in walk-in freezer.

n Royal: 4188 U.S. Highway 278, Oct. 23. 50. Employees did not wash hands after prepping raw meats, raw beef stored over ready-to-eat; shrimp stored over ready-to-eat, cooked container of chicken sitting on raw chicken, tea spouts and Coke nozzles dirty, can opener dirty, did not wash, rinse and sanitize cutting boards, cold foods out of temperature at cold buffet, chemicals not labeled, food storage container with spices not labeled, foods (chicken) cooled at room temperature, food stored on floor, eggs (raw) stored over cooked chicken, food stored in metal cans (must use approved containers), wet wiping clothes on counter, no hand washing sign in men’s bathroom, using metal can as scoop in rice, stored cups wet, dirty salt container, must have protective covers over lights, MSG container is dirty and rusting, ice maker in back dirty and has old gasket, walk-in cooler fan faces are dirty, plumbing drains have no back flow devices, employee bathroom dirty, cooking area near grill dirty, floor in walk-in cooler dirty.

n Mamie’s Inc., 7121 U.S. Highway 278, Nov. 26. 100. Replace valance on light (kitchen), make cover for air conditioning vent at cook line, put steel at bottom of walk-in unites, air gap at three-compartment sink (check back in two weeks to confirm items are fixed).

n Nagoya: 1065 Access Road, Nov. 26. 100. Replace nozzle at bar before next inspection.

n Waffle House: 10106 Alcovy Road, Nov. 20. 100.

n Pippins: 10055 Covington Bypass, Nov. 18. 100. Air gaps/back flow prevention will be installed within two weeks.

n Middle Ridge Elementary School: 11649 Covington Bypass, Dec. 1. 99. Single service trays stored on floor by serving line, light fixture in cooler near fans has some dust accumulation.

n Bert Adams Dining Hall: 218 Boy Scout Road, Nov. 18. 96. No hand wash sign at hand sink, facet leak at three-compartment sink, grout in floors missing.

n Quality Inn: 10225 Ga. Highway 142, Nov. 24. 96. No digital thermometer, no sanitizer test strips.

n Burger King: 53 Ga. Highway 81, Porterdale, Nov. 21. 94. Some utensils stored greasy with clean utensils, utensils stored wet, no towel dispenser in restrooms.

n Blimpie Subs and Salads: 387 A Ga. Highway 11, Social Circle, Nov. 26. 94. No label on sugar container, employee has too many rings.

n Rocky Plains Elementary School: 5300 Ga. Highway 162, Nov. 20. 90. Employee drink stored near utensils, sanitizer too strong, fan not working in walk-in freezer, mops not stored properly.

n McDonald’s: 2080 Crowell Road, Nov. 20. 83. Employee did not wash hands before putting gloves on, tea nozzles dirty, utensils stored wet, faucet leaking at three-compartment and mop sink, new air conditioner on order.

n Oxford College, Emory University, Nov. 21. 82. Dishwasher changed gloves between dirty and clean dishes and did not wash hands between glove changes, apples not served individually; sugar left open, single service items (napkins) stored on floor in dry storage, foot on bottom of reach-in freezer, sanitizer on floor Ox, wet wiping cloths stored in food prep area, no light cover in walk-in cooler, light out in walk-in cooler, paint peeling outside of middle area in kitchen, hole in wall at base of wall near door in Ox area, no air gap/back flow on draw lines at dishwasher and other sinks, dirty under hot hold unit, water coming out of side of dishwasher at joint, handle facing down of forks and knives in Ox area, coffee stirrers not individually wrapped, utensils in kitchen stored wet.

n Checkers: 3182 U.S. Highway 278, Nov. 24. 80. Sanitizer weak at three-compartment sink, cheese and tomatoes out of temperature, employee wearing bracelets, wet wiping cloths stored in food prep area, utensils stored wet above three-compartment sink, sink faucet leaks, freezer not working.

n Bojangles: 5156 U.S. Highway 278, Nov. 24. 77. No hand soap at back hand sink, fries and tater rounds out of temperature, creamer stored beneath plumbing fixture, no hand wash sign in men’s restroom, utensils stored wet, single service items stored beneath plumbing fixture, sprayer want below floodplain of sink, hand sink in closet broken.

n Wing Nook: 3665A Salem Road, Nov. 20. 77. Fish stored beside chicken in walk-in, chicken left opened in walk-in, oil stored on floor by fryers, chicken stored on floor in walk-in, scoop in rice, door on walk-in dirty, air gap/back flow not installed at plumbing drain line, handle on bathroom door loose, mop stored on floor.

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