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Posted: March 21, 2013 8:35 a.m.

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Video from BOC March 19, 2013 meeting



March 19, 2013



In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.”

                                                                                                                                                  Robert Frost

7:00 P.M.         A. Call to Order: Chairman Keith Ellis

                      B. Invocation: Rev. Ronny Brannen, Prospect United Methodist Church

                      C. Pledge of Allegiance led by


                      D. Items for Consideration:

                          General Administration:

  1. Chairman’s Report

  2. County Manager’s Report


                     E. Citizen Comments


Page Number

1-6                      I.            Approval of BOC Minutes dated February 19, 2013

Reviewed                           Approval of ES Minutes dated February 19, 2013

7                                      Approval of SCM Minutes dated February 26, 2013

8                                      Approval of WS Minutes dated March 5, 2013

                                       II.                Proposals, Contracts, Resolutions Unfinished Business:

9-13                                 Approval of BOC Minutes dated February 5, 2013


                        New Business:

14-15                1. Superior Court: Support Letter for Mental Health Court


16                    2. KCNB: Approval to apply for Keep America Beautiful Grants

                               (Miracle League)


17                    3. KCNB: Approval to apply for Keep America Beautiful Grant

                               (Restore Oxford Trail)


18                    4. Sheriff’s Office: Approval to apply for the Federal Edward Byrne

                            Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) 

                            (Transition from Intoxilyzer 5000 to the Intoxilyzer 9000)


19                    5. Senior Services/DFACS: Approval to apply for FY2014 CSBG Grant

                           (Meals on Wheels Program & Rent/Utility Assistance)


20-22               6. Board of Elections: Declaration of Surplus Property


23-27               7. Animal Control: Declaration of Surplus Property


28-39               8. HVAC Maintenance Program


Side Pocket       9. Master Water Supply Plan Phase II – Krebs Engineering


Side Pocket      10. NCFS: Annual Report


40-45              11. Engineering: Approval to Advertise for bids on 2013 LMIG Projects


46-48              12. Engineering: Award of 2013 Culvert Replacement Project


49                  13. R031913 – Public Hearing on Transmittal Resolution CIE & STWP


Side Pocket     14. R031913a – To Pursue Abandonment Proceedings for a Portion of

                           Holmes Road


                     15.  Discussion of changing the zip codes of East Newton


                     16. Discussion of rotating commission meetings throughout the

                          commission districts.


7:30 PM        ZONING:


Please note: The applicant and those in favor of the petition are allowed ten-minutes to address the board. In addition, ten-minutes is allotted for those in opposition to the petition. This ten-minute allotment does not include a response to any questions raised by the commission members.


Side Pocket O-031913 Information Delivered  

-An Ordinance To Amend The Newton County Zoning Ordinance;To Repeal Conflicting Provisions; To Provide for An Effective Date And For Further Purposes (Salem Overlay)


Information Delivered         

-AMD12-0004 – Proposed Amendments to the Newton County Zoning                                           -Ordinance–Topic: Almon Overlay

Information Delivered                         

-Development Services Fee Schedule



  1. County Checks

General Fund: 83825-84095

Special Revenue Fund: 1720

Drug Abuse Rehab: 1721

Juvenile Services: 2166-2171

Neighborhood Stabilization: 1043-1046

NSP Family: 2031

E-911 Fund: 2465-2478

Grant Fund: 4068-4096

Fire Fund: 67920-67930

FEMA: 2264

2005 SPLOST: 1147-1152

2011 SPLOST: 5322-5334

Impact Fee Fund: 281-282

Debt Service Fund: 4020

Water Fund: 13218-13251

Solid Waste: 7701-7720

Senior Services: 7596-7613

Gaither Plantation: 2663-2669

Risk Management: 1122


                               F. Commissioner Comments

                               G. Executive Session

                               H. Adjourn



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