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Posted: November 27, 2012 9:27 p.m.

Fazio: Much ado about nothing

This space was supposed to be reserved for Aaron Murray but he conveniently chose not to do interviews.

Oh the horror! A college kid chose not to talk to the media during the biggest week of his life.

A SEC Championship game in perhaps his final season; a chance at a national championship, a time to turn on his Heisman charm; the biggest chance to put millions of dollars of NFL draft money in the bank - each of those is a good reason to apply more focus, not to mention between Thanksgiving and the Christmas break is a busy time for college professors to ask for term papers and final exams.

So, Georgia fans, SEC fans, give the kid a break.

That was one of the crazier sports "stories" I heard over the busy Thanksgiving weekend.

The days recovering from the annual turkey coma are usually the best for football watching, outside of New Years, and it didn't disappoint. But the weekend did deliver plenty of head-scratching stories.

These are the type of stories I don't understand, and being from New York I constantly hear anti stories, which the New York media always digs up.

Along with Murray not talking, there was the wonder of Jonny "football" Manziel finally breaking his silence. Since he's a college freshman, I rather he not talk to live microphones. College freshman either don't have enough to say because they are 18 or too much to say because they're now on their own and know everything.

There was also the story of who will start for the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith.

Really, who cares?

Alex Smith has been leading what has been a very good team, so how bad can Kaepernick muck it up?

Then there's my favorite non-story of Kansas City's Jamaal Charles asking Denver's Peyton Manning for an autograph. Sure, they're both professionals and on opposing teams. But Charles is also someone who enjoys the game and Manning's a living football legend. Not to mention, it happens all the time, But instead of Charles asking a clubhouse manager to ask for the John Hancock, he did it himself.

Now I would never ask for an autograph from a player or Pulitzer Prize winner but that's because it's frowned upon in my line of work. But if it happens all the time and it's a player who's sphere of influence is above all others, go for it.

There was also all the fervor over Florida earning a spot in the Sugar Bowl over the loser of Alabama-Georgia. Last time I checked both teams in the SEC Championship are fighting for the national championship. So I say Sugar Bowl, schmugar bowl. Even if you lose, just the chance to face Notre Dame in what will be one of the most watched BCS National Championship games is better than playing in a bowl game that comes on when people start to get sick of watching bowl games.

So, in closing, all these stories are non stories. Now I know what you're saying, ‘Why did you just put them in the newspaper again?'

And my answer newly tightened belt made me forget that I thought they shouldn't be mentioned.


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