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Posted: November 1, 2012 8:42 p.m.

Just a thought: The four f's

The life of Solomon can be summed up in four words: Fame, fortune, females and failure. How does someone go from having it all to throwing it all away? Caution! It typically doesn't happen overnight. In fact, if we can learn anything from Solomon's saga, we will see two things: first, a steady decline happens slowly and as a result of a series of life course, destructive decisions. Solomon was so exposed to the things of God; he lost his sensitivity to them to the point of willfully ignoring them. He stopped taking God and the things of God as serious as he should have. And by being king, he was above accountability and lived like it - whatever Solomon wanted he went after, whatever he wanted to do, he did. This pursuit of self gratification took the place of personal holiness and reverence for God. We can see this destructive course in Solomon - but we need to look at the road we are on. Do we need to head the warning signs of our own course? Secondly, we see God is the God of second chances. Three times God visited Solomon, once to bless him, once to warn him, and once to dethrone him. (1 Kings 3, 9 and 11). God had blessed him, and had more blessings in store for him, but when Solomon turned away from God, he threw it all away.

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