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Posted: October 18, 2012 8:32 p.m.

Community in churches

I don't know if you have noticed, but the idea of relationship is changing in the world. Due to the onslaught of social media and smartphones people have become less engaged in the broader community with diversity in age, race, and social class and more engaged with groups that share common ages and interests. In today's culture, there aren't even many avenues to engage with a broad and diverse culture. But fortunately, God has called the church to be such a blending of all types of people.

I had the opportunity to see this demonstrated on Sunday. We had our annual church picnic at First Baptist and it was a wonderful event. Hundreds of people from 90 days old to 90 years old gathered at the FFA Camp in Covington to have true fellowship with one another. It was a generational event with a true diversity of the generations. First Baptist still has a long way to go in terms of being a being a truly diverse congregation, but when you see a couple in their 20s hanging out with a couple in their 70s, and you see a middle-school boy playing basketball with a young man in his 30s, you are looking at something that is uncommon in our culture.

God gave us the church to be a true reflection of the community we will experience in the eternal kingdom of Christ. In our churches, we should see a picture of young and old, black and white, rich and poor coming together united in Christ. The church is where real love and real community is found. Do you have a church home? Are you loved in a deep and self-sacrificing way by people who don't share age, race, and social class with you? You can find that in the church, you can find that in the community of followers of Jesus Christ.

We are all searching for community. This leads many people to bars and Internet chat rooms, but God has designed the ultimate place of true community, his church. This weekend go find real and diverse love. Go find a local church to join and engage with. You will see the Kingdom of Christ in the church as you experience people and God in a new way.

Jason Dees is a grateful follower of Jesus Christ, the husband of Paige and the father of Emery Anna. He is also the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Covington.


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