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Posted: September 18, 2012 9:49 p.m.

Resident scolds BOE over various things

Compares members to Nazis

A disgruntled resident from Newton County School System's District 1 scolded board members Tuesday night for a variety of things, including not enforcing their own rules for public participation and for passing a resolution that asked voters to vote no for the charter school amendment.

Logan Bistok first reprimanded Chairman Eddie Johnson for allowing Chamber President Hunter Hall to go over the five minute allotted time for public participation at the meeting last week when Hall addressed Meadors and asked the District 1 representative to stop writing opinion columns for The Newton Citizen.

He then addressed the entire board, saying that he was offended they (with the exception of Meadors, who opposed) signed a resolution which urged residents to not vote for the Constitutional amendment that would oppose money going to charter schools.

At one point he likened the board to communists and nazis.

Check for more on this story Wednesday.

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