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Posted: August 14, 2012 9:06 p.m.

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Runoff Q&A with Ronnie Dimsdale


Ronnie Dimsdale

Q: You have been a county commissioner previously, but were not re-elected the last time in District 2. Why should Republican voters of District 5 choose you to represent them in a new district?

A: The voters should be comfortable choosing me for the very reason that I lost that election. That reason is integrity. A person wanted me to vote on an issue in a way that was contrary to the best interest of the county and my conscience. It was strongly implied that if I didn't go along, opposition would be mounted against me in the upcoming election. I voted my conscience. When election time came, a group of developers, builders and money people gave aid to my Republican opposition. In the Republican primary, the voters elected me by a comfortable margin. Then that group supported the Democrat in the general election. They spent more money in that contest than has ever been spent by a candidate for district commission in Newton County as far back as I know. This was not done to elect a particular person, but to get rid of someone who they couldn't control. My Christian ethics and integrity are primary in my life. I will not trade them away for money or political support.

Q: Some people believe the Covington square should become more of an entertainment center with more restaurants and shopping options and fewer professional services. What are your thoughts on that? In either case, what can you do to advance the downtown sector?

A: The types of businesses that locate on the square is not the business of the county government. I am and have been a proponent of keeping the town square in Covington alive and well. It is the heart of Covington. I have supported and participated in projects that supported that goal, such as restoration of the courthouse to keep it alive and functioning on the square, building an administration building within walking distance of the square, and providing additional parking at the judicial center and at the administration building, all within walking distance of the square. I am committed to working with the city of Covington to keep the square (the symbol of our county seat) viable.

Q: As a candidate, what do you believe is your greatest strength?

A: Trust, honesty, hard work, an inquiring and logical mind, integrity, and openness. As a Boy Scout, I was taught to always be prepared.

Q: Similarly, what is your greatest weakness and, if applicable, how do you plan to address it once in office?

A: Years ago, I was told by a friend that I was too trusting of people. That is a characteristic which I still have today. When I meet people, I trust them until they show me that I shouldn't. If that is a fault, as my friend implied, I can only show diligence going forward. I can't remove it from my personality.

Q: What is the most important thing you've heard or learned from the voters during your time on the campaign trail?

A: The voters care passionately about their community. They want a government which is nonpartisan and cooperative in seeking solutions to challenges. They say they want their representatives in government to work together in a spirit of cooperation and respect.

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