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Posted: August 14, 2012 9:04 p.m.

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Runoff Q&A with Levie Maddox


Levie Maddox

Q: You have never held a political office before. Why should Republican voters choose you to represent them in a new district?

A: Having never held a political office is an advantage - I can handle issues/questions/challenges and give answers with a more open, honest approach, with no preconceived notions what-so-ever and put the "community first." I'd also like to point out that I'm looking to be a public servant, not a politician. There is truly a difference in the eyes of the community. My 18 year mix of experience in the corporate and local business world has prepared me very well for the role of a commissioner. The people need a new voice that'll listen to them and approach matters with honesty and energy. I humbly ask the citizens to vote for Levie Maddox as that new voice.

Q: Some people believe the Covington square should become more of an entertainment center with more restaurants and shopping options and fewer professional services. What are your thoughts on that? In either case, what can you do to advance the downtown sector?

A: Our community must have a vibrant downtown district and square as this charming, historical area is part of our identity. The county and the commissioners must support the city council, chamber of commerce and Main Street Covington in promoting businesses, events and art activities centered there to encourage a healthy, diverse destination. This destination should include a few more unique retailers and restaurants that help to draw people from all over, not just Newton County, on evenings and weekends. In addition to supporting the above, I pledge to conduct all matters in a respectful, civil manner so that business prospects appreciate the type of leaders represent the community.

Q: As a candidate, what do you believe is your greatest strength?

A: Trained through business experience, my ability to listen, understand and apply. We must listen to the community needs, for today and for the next generation. Understanding where we've been and where we want/need to go will help to put in a foundation today that brings prosperity for our children years from now. Applying energy toward our future path through smart economic development and controlled growth; while supporting public safety, our hospital and the school system are the keys to our future success. We have one shot at this, we cannot approach matters the way we did in the 90s when sprawl hit the western side of the county.

Q: Similarly, what is your greatest weakness and, if applicable, how do you plan to address it once in office?

A: I do not have an in-depth knowledge of how many of the county's departments work. I plan to rapidly advance that knowledge by meeting with each department manager and constitutional officer. This gives me a direct view of how their processes work and what the department needs are. It also begins a direct relationship with the department, so that I can be their voice as well. I have already met with more than six of these stakeholders and will continue that path.

Q: What is the most important thing you've heard or learned from the voters during your time on the campaign trail?

A: I've been reminded just how caring our community's people are. The people that I've met have been incredible. The citizens want someone to listen to their wants and needs and then apply honestly & common sense to the issues. I've truly had some of the best conversations of my life on the "campaign trail". I knocked on a door on Old Monticello Street three days ago. This gentleman spent 30 minutes showing my 2 kids magic tricks and just talking to us about life. I spent over 2 hours in the living room of a home down HWY 213 that I'd never seen prior to this couple opening their doors to me & my son. At another house, I sat on the back porch and appreciated the amazing view of their pasture while we talked about the county's path ahead and life in-general. Both of these homes are owned by couples who are life-long citizens and have been married an amazing 52 years. I talked to a local business owner in his office for over an hour and a half. I went in hoping to chat about politics. The conversation quickly evolved to the best chat I'd ever had about religion & life. The county if full of great, wonderful people from all walks with all types of different ideas on our future path. My desire is to continue listening to the people and to protect the communities' charm & character as it grows.

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