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Posted: August 13, 2011 6:46 p.m.

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Rowe: Remember when

Have you heard the buzz? If not, you're either not on Facebook or haven't checked in lately.

Not only has Facebook become more popular than ever before, but some folks spend more time on Facebook than they do anything, even eating or sleeping. You never know what people are gonna share on Facebook - everything from what they're having for dinner, to how they're feeling and even when they went to the bathroom. If you're on Facebook you know I ain't making this up.

To be totally honest, what really suckered me in to Facebook were the games. I became a hopeless Facebook junkie once I discovered Zoo World, Farmville and Collapse games. This is how farming & having animals is supposed to be - where friends come over to visit and help tend to your crops, flowers and your critters.

Facebook has become more than just a place to socialize and stay in touch with people. A lot of people, myself included, use Facebook as a great way to promote their business. It is the place to share just about anything you want - engagements, graduations, new homes, new jobs, pics of babies, children and pets.

My daughter even gets updates on her cell phone, which is a little insane in my opinion, but it proved otherwise when my cousin's son was hospitalized and had surgery over the weekend. I wouldn't want my daughter's head to swell, but, once in a while she has a good idea or two. I would have never imagined using the internet for prayer requests but it is another great way to keep people up to date on situations of great importance.

I also discovered several of my school classmates were on Facebook and I started getting flooded with friend requests and reconnected with friends from elementary and high school, teachers and people who graduated before and after me. I hadn't heard from some in years and some I didn't remember at first.

Recently, I came across a Facebook page for folks to reminisce about Covington and Newton County (‘Things I remember about Covington and Newton County Back When') and it has been jumping with people posting and sharing memories. Everybody is talking about the latest posts and emails are maxed out with notifications of new and constant activity. You can learn anything about the history of Newton County you want to know (and maybe some surprising things you'd rather not know). I don't know who started this but it became extremely popular rather quick and I decided to start a page for people from my hometown of Social Circle.

My husband said, "Social Circle is such a small town what could y'all possibly have to talk about?" I assured him every small town has a story to tell and we certainly have plenty of bragging rights. Believe it or not, long before the Blue Willow Inn put Social Circle on the map, this was a happening little place. We have even been dubbed "fuddy duddies from a Podunk town" by a would-be business entrepreneur, but I guarantee you won't find any better fuddy duddies than right here in Social Circle!

Within 20 minutes of starting the page, I had 87 people who had joined the group and began posting and sharing memories. We have young and old alike sharing memories and good times and I have learned a few things I never knew about our small town. I could spill the beans, but you'd miss out on all the fun so you're just gonna have to come find out for yourself.

When I think about growing up here, it always reminds me of Mayberry on the Andy Griffith show and it's good to know some things never change. There's nothing like going home no matter how you get there, whether by car, train or even Facebook, so we'll be seeing ya, you hear?

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