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Court sentencings - June 8

Posted: June 8, 2011 12:30 a.m.
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Michael A. Miller, felony theft by taking, 10 years confinement concurrent. Theft by taking felony, nolle pros.

Gary Williams, first degree forgery. 10 years probation, 40 days confinement, $1,000. Failure to carry license, 12 months probation, 40 days concurrent, $200. Expired tag, nolle pros. Giving false information, 12 months probation, 40 days confinement concurrent, $500.

David Williams, PFBCF, 5 years probation, $1,000. Theft of lost of misplaced property, 12 months probation concurrent, $500. Defective equipment, 12 months probation concurrent, $200.

Stathius Grimes, violation of probation. Balance revoked. Financial transaction card fraud. 3 years confinement.

Joshua Sant, violation of probation. 180-240 days in detention center. Terroristic threats and acts, 5 year probation, 180-240 days detention center.

Lakishan Malcom, first degree forgery, 10 years probation, 2 years confinement, $1,000. First degree forgery, 10 years concurrent, $1,000.

Melvin Lewis Hight, bond revoked.

Victor L. Thompson, Family Violence Act battery, 12 months probation, $500. Battery, 12 months probation consecutive, $500.

Carol J. White, misdemeanor obstruction. 12 months probation, $500.

Lamont Johnson, DUI. 12 months, 5 days in Newton County Jail, $750. DUI, nolle pros. Failure to stop, 12 months consecutive, $200. Turn signal violation, 12 months concurrent, $200.

Richard L. Williams, DUI. 12 months probation, 5 days confinement, $1,000. DUI, nolle pros. Failure to maintain Lane, 12 months probation consecutive, $200. Failure to obey railroad crossing sign, nolle pros.

Millicent P. Pullins, violation of probation. 2 years prison.

Crystal G. Shackelford, violation of probation. 90 days Newton County jail.

Jose L. Dominguez-Frieda, giving false information. 12 months probation concurrent to any sentence currently serving, $200.

Joshua C. Jones, violation of probation. 180-240 days detention center.

Joey J. Jones, violation of probation. Revoke balance, 3 months 7 days Newton County Jail.


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