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Posted: April 3, 2011 12:00 a.m.

Tip of the Week - April 3

I love the taste of flavored creamer in my coffee, but I sure don't like the price. I've done a little experimenting with different frugal flavorings in my coffee pot lately and the results have been delicious. You'll welcome any one of these additions in a freshly brewed pot of coffee - almond extract; dried orange peel; vanilla extract; and cinnamon sticks. If you grind your own coffee beans, throw in a handful of hazelnuts. Drop a butterscotch candy into a piping hot cup of coffee and you've got yourself a yummy treat. Use a candy cane to give a hint of mint to your morning cuppa joe. Experiment with different dried spices. You have to use that apple and pumpkin pie spice for something in the off season.

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