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Posted: March 20, 2011 12:00 a.m.

Mission Accomplished

More than two years into the administration of Barack Obama, liberals and leftists have gotten one of their fondest wishes. America is no longer the world’s policeman; our will has receded and countries around the world are free to do nearly whatever they please. No need to worry about the American tiger; it is made of paper even on the best day and no longer matters on the world stage. All of the bowing, apologies and downplaying of American traditions and triumphs have had the desired effect. Congratulations, Mr. president.

So now, the result of the fading Pax Americana? The list is long but very easy to see. Four Americans have been murdered on the high seas by pirates while two other pirates were on board a U.S. Navy destroyer negotiating (demanding ransom) for their release. Yes, you read it right, two pirates were on board a Navy ship at the invitation of our government demanding ransom for Americans they were illegally holding.

When the ransom demands weren’t immediately met, we, the American taxpayers, gave the pirates overnight accommodations so that "negotiations" could resume the next day.

But hey, according to our president, America is no better than any other country so we might as well act like any other country.

Meanwhile, the successful removal of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has inflamed the Middle East. No one said Mubarak was an enlightened friend of freedom, but neither was he one who allowed raped women to be murdered in public, hands to be cut off of thieves, or any other ninth century technique likely to be adopted by the next government of Egypt.

Mubarak was an American ally who had guaranteed peace with Israel for 30 years, provided for stability around the Suez Canal and kept the Islamofacists at bay.

We abandoned him quickly, sending a clear message to the rest of the region, that America will not support its friends and is powerless to intervene.

Moving east to Pakistan, we find the case of Raymond Davis, an American citizen, who killed two Pakistanis when they tried to rob him. He holds an American diplomatic passport and by international treaties is exempt from arrest by local officials but is being held for murder in a Pakistani prison.

All efforts by our government to gain his release have failed.

We admitted that Davis is an employee of the CIA. I can’t think of anything more likely to hasten his death at the hands of radical Muslims than such an admission.

The Pakistani government now is so concerned about his safety that they have disarmed his guards and anyone who comes into contact with him. American demands for his release have fallen on deaf ears. Why not? What consequence is there for Pakistan?

Two Iranian warships recently passed through the Suez Canal for the first time since the 1979 Iranian revolution. With Iran being the epicenter of problems in the Middle East, why would they decide now is a good time for such a passage?

Clearly they have an interest in stirring the pot, knowing full well neither the Egyptians or Americans will react. Iran is now looked upon at the power in the region because of the vacuum created by the retreat of the Americans.

Virtually the entire Middle East has exploded on Obama’s watch. The United States has done nothing to support our friends and allies. We sit on the sidelines even in Bahrain where the US 5th fleet is anchored. We have our fingers crossed that the fascists who preach hate and murder will not take over the world’s oil supply. Already the prices are skyrocketing and potential shortages are not far behind. Meanwhile, in the US we have moratoriums in place to prevent us from using our own resources, mostly put in place by the Obama administration.

Now that the "World’s Policeman" has ended his shift, tyrants around the globe are free to do their dirty work. You can bet your paycheck that they will take advantage of the opportunity presented to them by the weakest, most inept American administration ever. The bowing and scrapping has had the desired effect and all we can do is wonder how bad the situation will get.


Former state senator John Douglas can be reached at

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