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Posted: July 16, 2010 9:03 p.m.

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BOE District 3 - Christine Young-Brown (D)


Christine Young-Brown

Christine Young-Brown is the fourth democratic candidate to qualify for the increasingly crowded District 3 BOE seat. She said she’s running because she feels the current board was neither effective nor connected to the public, and she wants a better school system for her two children.

"I have kids in the system and I just don’t think its working. I look at the Board of Education and they seemed aloof and not receptive. I was concerned," said Brown, who said members did not return phone calls and sent unprofessional e-mail responses to her queries. "I just didn’t like the things I was hearing."

Brown said she hopes to improve the system by removing some of the pressure from teachers, by lessening the importance of standardized test results in teacher evaluations.

"Teachers are being forced to teach to the standardized tests, which is taking away from teaching to the curriculums … My goal is to link the education of today with the jobs of tomorrow," she said. "I don’t want the teachers to be afraid of their jobs."

Another goal is to increase the focus on early education, particularly the first five years of a child’s education. She said she believes early grades need to have smaller class sizes, so teachers can build a solid educational foundation.

Brown also wants to work to rework special education. She said she wants to remove the stigma from special education and evaluate it properly, adding it’s unfair for special education teachers to have their results based on CRCT tests.

"Why not assess special education students differently? It’s mind boggling," she said.

As far as the recent budget cut discussion, Brown said she believes cuts should starts at the administration level.

"If we’re going to clean house, I think we need to start at the Board of Education itself. We need them to justify why they deserve to be paid for what they’re doing. A lot of para pros are single mothers, who depend on their jobs more and do work that is more crucial," she said.

Brown said she is an advocate and mentor for Mentoring Young Women and Men, based in DeKalb County. She works with troubled and disadvantaged youth, whether just talking to them, helping them through court cases and tribunals or providing meals and taking them to recreational activities. She works with children from age seven though college, including students from Newton County.

She also works for and volunteers with the Coalition for the Peoples' Agenda and Operation LEAD, both in Atlanta. She previously worked in property management for Gables Residential.

Brown has an bachelor’s degree in human services from Mercer University and a master’s degree in public administration from Troy University. Her goal is to apply to law schools in the near future and eventually become a civil rights attorney.

For more information or to contribute to Brown’s campaign call campaign manager Jodi Williams at (404) 819-9316 or Brown at (404) 309-9110.

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