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Posted: July 16, 2010 9:03 p.m.

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BOE candidate reveals misdemeanor charge

Incident occurred at Liberty Middle School


Listen to excerpt from meeting that resulted in Christine Young-Brown being charged with simple battery.

Christine Brown-Young, a Board of Education hopeful for District 3, revealed to The News that she has a case pending against her for simple battery against Liberty Middle School Principal Victor Lee. The charges stem from a heated episode near the end of last year.
She, a friend and another parent met with the LMS principal and her daughter’s math resource teacher regarding an allegation of inappropriate language and racially insensitive comments he made in a class. During the meeting, which Brown-Young recorded without the knowledge of the other parties, all speakers remained composed for the first 45 minutes. As end-of-day school announcements were being read over the intercom system, conversation becomes heated when Brown-Young is told that her daughter will be placed back into the teacher’s class due to a lack of resource teachers at the school. 
According to the misdemeanor charges against her, witnesses say Brown-Young threw her purse, striking the principal with it; she is also accused of threatening to “take out” the teacher and using profanities. Brown-Young vehemently denies those charges. According to her she did stand up and did raiser her voice, however, she says that her purse fell as she was trying to stand. 
She agrees that her friend and the other parent made her sit back in her seat but denies witness statements saying they restrained her and then escorted her off the campus. She said she was just "frustrated" at the time and was never angry.

Brown-Young also denies cursing or threatening the teacher or principal. In the recording, the heated portion of the conversation is muffled due to background noise and announcements.

The teacher involved said Wednesday that Young-Brown went "berserk."

"She stood up and threatened to take me out," he said, adding that Lee then told him to leave the room and he complied and did not witness the alleged assault.

Lee could not be reached for comment and Dr. Dennis Carpenter, Deputy

Superintendent for Operations at the Newton County School System said that he had "no direct knowledge of the issue."

Witness statements written by an assistant principal states that she heard loud voices and went toward the conference room at which time the door was opened and she observed Young-Brown throw her purse at the teacher, who was leaving the room, but strike Lee in the arm with it instead.

Another written witness statement says that Young-Brown "exploded" and tried to attack the teacher, and at one point she had to be restrained.

Information revealed by Young-Brown also shows that she was charged with terroristic threats in 2000 in DeKalb County and given 12 months of probation and first offender treatment. She said those charges were reduced to harassing phone calls and came from a phone argument between her and her sister-in-law.

Young-Brown is adamant that she believes the recording she made of the meeting will exonerate her and is scheduled to go to trail on the charges in October.

She urged anyone with questions about the incident, to contact her on her Facebook page: Committee to Elect Christine Brown BOE District 3.

She plans to remain in the race and said that her goal in running for the BOE is to help children, especially those with special needs.

"I want to run because I don't want other parents to go through this. I went to them for help and they sent me to jail... I want to be in the classrooms," she said. "I want to know that students are really being educated. That's important to me. I don't want another child to go through the things my family is going through."

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