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Posted: June 27, 2010 12:30 a.m.

2010 Property Taxes Guide


Covington News Property Taxes Guide

During the county’s recent budget discussions, there was fierce debate about whether adopting the county’s 10.9 rollback millage rate would result in a tax increase. The answer is: for some property owners it will and for others it won’t.

Nearly every property in the county was devalued by some amount, as the overall tax digest dropped nearly 17 percent, or $481 million. Some residences, like many in Porterdale, were devalued by 60 percent or more, while others dropped by only 5 percent. As a result, even with increased millage rates, these owners will pay less in taxes this year.

However, many businesses either saw no decrease in values or very small decreases, so many of them will pay more.

To give owners and readers a sense of what to expect in 2010, The News with the help of Newton County Tax Commissioner Barbara Dingler presents the table below. A variety of residential and business properties are included, along with their 2009 and 2010 property values and the amount of property taxes paid.

Many of Newton County’s smaller municipalities have yet to finalize their 2010 millage rates, but only properties in Covington, unincorporated Newton County and Porterdale are included in the table. Covington, 8.208, and Newton County, 10.91, have both approved their rates, and Porterdale is expected to adopt a 17.518 rate, up from its previous 9.156 rate.

To find the assessed value of any property in Newton County visit the Newton County Tax Assessor’s website at and to find the amount of property taxes paid in any previous year visit the tax commissioner’s website at

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